St. Mary Catholic Church
De Pere, Wisconsin

Liturgical Ministry

Please contact the Director of Worship, Barbara Whitcomb, for more information about or to volunteer for any committee.


Worship Ministry provides the opportunity for our parishioners to assist in meeting the spiritual needs of the parish by providing meaningful liturgical celebrations. Volunteers assist with worship and the environment, including altar servers, Ministers of the Eucharist, Ministers of the Word (Lectors/Commentators), Ministers of Hospitality/Ushers, Choir, Funeral Choir, and Funeral Dinners.


The creative, artistic talents of our parishioners are called forth to enhance the worship experience by assisting in the decoration of our church during various liturgical seasons and special occasions. If you find joy in creating meaningful environments, this is the place for you.


Lectors, also called Readers, are confirmed men and women of the parish who have been trained to proclaim Scripture during the liturgical celebrations. Lectors who make a regular practice of prayer and meditation on the pages of Scripture enhance and nourish both themselves and the church community.

Commentators are responsible for the opening introduction, announcements and Prayers of the Faithful. At times, one person may be responsible for both the Lector and Commentator responsibilities. Lectors and Commentators are asked to volunteer once a month on a regular schedule. Training is provided.


Ministers of the Eucharist are parish community members called forth to assist the priest in distributing the blessed bread and wine during Mass. A Eucharistic Minister is required to be a confirmed Catholic and a registered member of the parish living in harmony with the faith. Volunteers are asked to serve two times per month on a regular schedule. Training is provided.

Eucharistic Ministers may also assist in providing communion to the homebound.


Ministers of Hospitality are men and women of the parish who are willing to assist others during the Liturgy (Mass). A Greeter welcomes people as they come in to church. People who love to extend their hands in a warm handshake, smile graciously, and welcome neighbor and stranger alike are drawn to this ministry. They are people who love our church and seek to ensure that others will love their time here as well.

Ushers are called to assist before, during and after Mass. They help people find a seat, pass the collection basket and bring it to the Altar during the Offertory, alert the priest or Eucharistic Minister about those who are unable to get to the altar for communion, distribute church bulletins, and lock the doors.

At times, one person may be responsible for both the Greeter and Usher responsibilities. Both ministries require dedicated, responsible people. Training is provided.


Music ministry at St. Mary is very important to the overall worship experience. Talented musicians, cantors and singers – adults or high school students – are welcome to share their talent with the community.

The Divinity Choir, under the direction of Ed Selinsky, consists of talented parishioners from St. Mary and St. Francis Xavier who sing at Mass once a month at each church and on special days from September to May.

The Funeral Resurrection Choir consists of talented members from St. Mary and St. Francis Xavier parishes who sing at funerals under the direction of Barbara Whitcomb.