Why are there fees?

Like any decent education, it comes with operating costs. However, all tuition is an investment in the spiritual formation of your child and goes directly back into that mission of introducing them to God and instructing them in the faith. So tuition goes towards the classical classroom necessities of books, room supplies, media, transportation, healthy snacks, sacramental gifts, and professional retreats. Our tuition strives to be fairly priced and affordable to all but anyone with genuine financial need is encouraged to contact any one of us and we will help! Remember that anyone who wishes to teach or hold bus signs or another essential volunteer role are eligible for full tuition waivers!

What about Faith Formation for adults?

We are so glad you asked!  Starting in late summer, we will be offering opportunities for adults of any age to develop and nourish their spiritual lives.  We are aware that adults have felt neglected in the past, and we are here to address the fact that adults are just as valuable as children in our department.  A variety of options for hospitality, fellowship, education that meets you where you are, and spiritual formation will be offered, and we pray that you take full advantage of these!

What if my child has been out of Faith Formation for awhile or is in need of sacraments like Baptism, First Communion or First Reconciliation and they’re older?

Please contact us and we can help! Bless any parent or family who realizes the importance of the sacraments or catechesis for their child. We are always happy to help customize an approach for every family, do not pass judgment on anyone, and are blessed to be able to honor your desire to raise your children as sons and daughters of God.

How do I become a catechist?

One of the first questions we ask anyone discerning this ministry is: do you want to learn more about God? If the answer is yes, we highly recommend considering teaching. Even if you do not feel satisfied in your own practice of Catholicism or doubt your worthiness for such a role, learning in order to teach and experiencing how childlike minds perceive and understand God has a mysterious way of bringing you deeply into an understanding of the nature of God and humankind alike. If you so desire such an activation of faith as you seek God in your own life, contact us now!